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Rockus Cloud WiFi DEMO

New Contributor III
I have an unleashed network with 16 APs (4 R600 and 12 R310) and I want to try Ruckus cloud.... Does any one know if I could add 10 APs from my 16APs solution without problems?

Hi Roberto, 

Yes you can, but need to take care of the process when you add an Unleashed AP to cloud while you have an operational Unleashed network in the same LAN. A factory defaulted Unleashed AP will still have a likely affinity (faster discovery) to an operational Unleashed master in the same network, than to join Ruckus Cloud. In order to avoid this, you may want to isolate the AP you want to add to the cloud away from existing Unleashed network first. I.e. the AP must have internet connection but cannot see the existing Unleashed Master. Once the AP points to Cloud and downloads the Cloud firmware, it can co-exist with an Unleashed network without issues. Note that Cloud firmware is quite different Unleashed firmware, so when you want to try cloud, you would need to create new configuration in the Cloud UI. 


New Contributor III

Cloud Wi-Fi demo is available online @ which does not require login. The tool is designed to give users a chance to explore some of the settings/configs available and experience the look and feel of the UI.