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Migration ZD to Cloud

New Contributor III
We are thinking about migrating from two ZD3000 to Cloud Controller.
We cannot find an migration document yet, is there one available?
Do we have to update the firmware of our existing APs manually or is there a smooth way to do this?
Does anyone have experience how the migration worked for him?
We have R500 and T300 APs on multiple sites.
Thanks for your answers.

New Contributor III
Thanks for your answers! Against the guidelines our APs which were connected to our ZD seems to connect to the cloud without a reflash wihth the single AP firmware.
I disabled the DHCP vendor option for ZD discoveryin our AP management network, set the AP manually to default settings and it connected to our cloud demo controller. The only problem which seems to stay is to set the AP to default settings, maybe i can do this via SSH in order to not be physically at each of our 350 APs.

What version of ZD are you running? It is possible that the AP image (managed by ZD) had the code to discover the Cloud upon a factory reset. Yes, SSH is an option to factory reset the AP and this way, you don't need to get physical access. 

Phal build 189

Thanks. Let us know if you need more Cloud trial licenses to test the migration at a slightly larger scale. Please email, we will be happy to help you.

Nobody is answering on 😞