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Generating DPSKs

New Contributor II
We're looking to move from Unleashed to Cloud, and have found out that you can't generate unassigned DPSKs anymore.

In Unleashed, we can generate a bunch of DPSKs and hand them out to devices as we need to. When the device joins, Unleashed will automatically bind that DPSK to the MAC address.
In Cloud, it looks like we have to get the MAC address and enter it into Cloud to generate a DPSK then use that to join the device.

Is it possible to generate DPSKs in Cloud similar to how it's done in Unleashed?

Valued Contributor
Hi Simon,

As you say; unbound DPSK isn't currently available in Ruckus Cloud.

I understand it's something the Product Line Management team are looking in to but there is no commited functionality or date as yet.

The other alternative, if you have outgrown Unleashed is to investigate installing a SmartZone controller.  Perhaps using a VM to minimise cost?

I hope that helps.