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Client only allowed to connect to specific APs

New Contributor

Hi All,

Is there a way to group some clients together that can only connect to certain APs? For example we have some client devices that are used in a certain building but use the same SSID as the rest of the organisation and would like those to only connect to APs in their specific building.

I appreciate we could set up a separate SSID just for those devices and create an AP group for the SSID but wondered if there was a way to do it using access control policies to keep the number of SSIDs down and to streamline configuration?

Many thanks,



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @NinjaShroom 

You can create 2 WLAN groups, Wlan group1 : With Access policy blocking these clients MAC,
Wlan Group 2: Without any policy.
You can have same SSID broadcasting on both of these WLAN groups.
Now Set the Wlan group 2 on the AP group for that specific building.
Set the Wlan group 1 for the rest of the AP group where the these clients are likely to appear\connect and you want to block it.

I hope this helps.