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Captive Portal integration is broken and next to useless

New Contributor III
The Ruckus Cloud Captive Portal integration appears tobe seriously ill conceived compared to everything else in the industry:

-No option to enable 'walled garden' for Captive Portal users(all protocols pass through the portal prior to authentication except for the HTTP which redirects to the currently useless login)
-The Captive Portal doesnt trigger the OS 'captive portal' pop-ups built into OSX, iOS, and Android. Users are only prompted with the screen if they attempt to go to an HTTP web page
-Anyone connected to the open wifi Captive Portal network will find they're able to navigate most of the world wide web because only HTTP requests are redirected. HTTPS requests are forwarded on.

Are there any plans to fix this? It is literally next to useless in its current form. If you're wondering what I was expecting, look to Meraki, or Open Mesh for some notes on what a Captive Portal should be doing.

Excuse the tone. I will gladly swallow my words and discontent if someone at Ruckus can actually demonstrate that this can work as expected.

New Contributor
It's not just Cloud Captive Portal that's broken.  My client forced me to disable the feature in a site with a Zone Director because he couldn't deal with explaining to all his users that they had to open a web page to start the process where the WAP would permit access to the Internet.  Users connected to the WAP and expected their e-mail to work.  It and other apps wouldn't work until a web page was opened.  Not intuitive.