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Administration of 8200x series via Ruckus Cloud

New Contributor III

Admitting out the gate that I'm new to Ruckus CLI & really using the Ruckus Cloud for Switches.  We've had Ruckus AP's on the Cloud platform for about a year (and about 7yrs of ZoneDirector prior). We've been running HP/Aruba Procurve switches via CLI for over 10yrs.  We went with Ruckus cloud with the idea of lowering the barrier to entry for the rest of the team.

Our environment is not terribly complex and routing is handled by an external device so the switches don't need to handle this. I'm trying to do as much of the config via the cloud and am not having a whole log of success.  

First thing is setting up one of the Distribution switches. We currently have VLAN1 configured as a tagged member on the trunk port between the Distribution and Core. I don't appear to be able to assign VLAN1 as a tagged member on the port via the Cloud UI.  Is this a UI limitation or a Ruckus limitation?

Second is that if I make "multiple" configuration changes on a port it in the Cloud UI and click apply it seems to fail. For example trying to apply multiple Tagged VLANs to the uplink port (one of them being set as a voice VLAN) and it fails everytime.  I can apply 1 or 2 VLANs and that seems to work if none of them are the voice vlan.  I can't add the voice VLAN and remove another VLAN at the same time.  The uplink port that I'm trying to configure is NOT the port that the switch is connected to the "Internet" through.  The uplink port currently has no cable plugged into it. 

Am I experiencing a learning moment or are these issues that I should take to support?