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New Contributor

Hi All,

Is ruckus analytics a free product. We don't seem to have it installed. All I am aware of is that we have the ruckus installation for our wireless AP's and nothing else.

What I would like to achieve is to get a report of how the AP's are performing and collect the output so that it can be displayed on a dashboard. The dashboard does not need to be live a report of some kind through ruckus would be ok.

Does anyone know if I am able to produce a report directly from ruckus?




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @czql5v ,

Yes, we could generate the reports for multiple details which include the AP, Controller, Client details and other categories as well for Today, the Last 24 hours, the Last 7 days and the custom range as well:

Conversely, after 90 days you will need to purchase the RA license to manage further, please find the below URLs for the Product Overview and On-boarding/ latest User guide:

RUCKUS Analytics or Cloud Analytics license - 90-day trial period on the first customer onboarding:

RUCKUS Analytics Intro: (Full series):

RUCKUS Analytics User Guide 3.2.0:

Network Analytics & Assurance: 

If you have you queries, please reach out to us using the below URL:

Best Regards

Syed Abdul Tanzeel