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RTF webinar "RUCKUS SmartZone 6.1.1 Feature Update" now available on-demand!

New Contributor II

Join us for the next #RUCKUS Technical Family #webinarRUCKUS SmartZone 6.1.1 Feature Update”!

Webinar Highlights:

  • This month’s RTF webinar will cover selected features of the upcoming new SZ 6.1.1 controller – a major release everyone was waiting for!
  • We are giving you the opportunity to get an early sneak-peak preview of the new release, currently scheduled to go out a few weeks after the webinar

With the arrival of the 6Ghz band, SmartZone 6.1.1 opens a world of new possibilities to Wi-Fi 6e and Wi-Fi 7 deployments and beyond. Join us to learn about just a few of the dozens of new features and functionalities of our world-class Network Management software.

Topics covered in this live session will include:

  • New AP Features
  • Controller/Architecture/Management Features
  • ICX Management additions
  • GUI improvements
  • RUCKUS Analytics Integration upgrades

Attend one of 23 local sessions (now on-demand):

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