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RTF live webinar on Sep 27th: Wi-Fi Calling and Real-Time Applications

New Contributor II

Fellow Ruckateers!

The time has come for the RUCKUS Technical Family to gather yet again and dive deep into another aspect of #wireless networking!

This month's webinar is going to be focused on Wi-Fi calling, teleconferencing, and other real-time applications. As you know, delay, jitter, or data loss is immediately noticeable by your clients and special care must be taken to ensure real-time applications get priority on both wireless and wired networks.
Our Systems Engineers will discuss the features that RUCKUS employs to tune your environment and maximize user satisfaction. 

Don’t miss – register for your local session below:

Australia & New Zealand – English 
Brazil – Português 
China – 简体中文 
France – Français
Germany – Deutsch 
Hong Kong – 繁體中文 
Indonesia – bahasa Indonesia 
India – English 
Italy – Italiano– 22/09 
Japan – 日本語 – 29/09 
Latin America – Español (Latinoamérica) 
Netherlands – Nederlands
Nordics – English 
North America – English– 26/09 
Poland – polski 
Singapore – English
South Korea – 한국어
Spain – Español 
Taiwan – 繁體中文 
Thailand – ไทย– 26/09 
Turkey – Türkçe 
United Kingdom – English 
Vietnam – Tiếng Việt