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Response on behalf of another device IP connection

New Contributor


I've seen strange behavior on our customer's switch

The IP address of our customer's A site gateway switch is X.X.190.1, and the IP address is Y.Y.180.1 of the remote site B gateway 

  | PC |------  | A  Site X.X.190.1 | -------| A Site VPN | -------------Internet------------| B Site VPN | -----------| B Site Y.Y.180.1 | 

However, when our customer connects telnet Y.Y.180.1 to B Site Gateway from a terminal in A Site, A Site equipment responds. No matter how much I search the current config of the A Site device, there is no setting that can respond to Y.Y.180.1.

I tried Debug. Actually, A Site equipment was responding to Y.Y.180.1.

Does anyone know about this phenomenon? i need help


A Site Gateway is ICX7250 and software version are 08.0.90.kT213