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Tutorial on connecting IoT devices to APs with either Cloud or Unleased?

New Contributor

Looking for some information on how to utilize ZigBee with Ruckus APs running with the cloud controller or with Unleashed. Understand a dongle is needed, but once that is plugged in, does that act as a gateway or somethign along those lines? If there was some sort of automation system that is looking for Zigbee devices, would the AP with the USB dongle act as the gateway? Or do I need to be on VSZ to do any of this? 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @iscs-mvalpreda 
IOT enabled APs uses Zigbee to communicate with the IOT devices, which allows them to connect to the AP and then managed by the IOT controller.
Some of the Ruckus APs have inbuilt IOT radio and some APs needs the external IOT dongle.
Currently the IOT function is supported in SZ\vSZ and Cloud platform, which will let the IOT APs to connect to IOT controller to manage the APs and IOT devices. Unleashed and ZD is not supported.

Please find the below video links which explains more on the IOT platform. I hope this will help you.
Let me know if you have any queries.