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Site Survey in a hotel

New Contributor
I will put a Ruckus solution, in a big hotel. They have a problem in their Wireless solution already implemented. Wireless network is not available in a big number of rooms. First I have to do a good site suvey, as you know, a hotel have big Walls etc .. I want a device on how to do the survey, which tool ? and should I have the hotel map ??
An other question please, is there a certain Access point dedicated for hotels ??
Many thanks !!

Sorry for my english ..

Valued Contributor II
Hi Onou.

Out ZF7025 and newer ZF7055 were designed specifically for the hospitality (hotel) industry. They are designed for in-room deployment to assure 100% coverage and then combined with other model AP's to provide common area coverage. Both are designed to install in a standard electrical box and also provide ethernet ports for other services.

You can use the Ruckus Planner tool to do preliminary design and then validation with on-site survey. Hopefully the community can chime in with other specific suggestions on that.

New Contributor II
Hi Onou,
I work in a mid sized hotel, but the property is split up among 27 buildings, and has chickenwire wrapped concrete walls. Keith's suggestion of the 7055 would be your best bet to ensure coverage in each room. Use the 7982 in your conference spaces, and depending on how busy the property gets the other common areas as well. AirMagnet is my suggestion for the SW to use. I haven't seen the Ruckus tool, but Ekahau also makes great planning tools. Get a decent laser tape measure and then a good map of the property with correct physical dimensions. Walk as much of the property as possible, then run your various scenarios. That's going to be the best way for you to truly get a good site survey.

New Contributor
Hi Keith, hi mmulcahy,

Thank you so much for your responses and advices 🙂 I'll come back to you for feedback or if I find issues in this project ..


New Contributor II
I will pile on on this. We are just completing another Ruckus based project at one of our resorts in the Caribbean. 100 units with a total of 160 bedrooms in 58 concrete, hurricane resistant buildings, using 180 7055s and a mix of 7762 and 7372 for public area coverage. Frankly it was the only way to get coverage inside these buildings because of their construction.
We used AirMagnet as Mike did for the outside and public areas, but for the bedrooms we simply elected to put a 7055 in each.