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Ruckus ZF 2741 Noise floor and air time issue.

New Contributor
we are using ZD 3000 and zf 2741 outdoor APs is our network. But we are facing noisefloor and airtime problem in APs. what would be possible reasons behind it and how we can improve it

Valued Contributor II
how you are finding that there are noisefloor and airtime problem in APs.??

wifi and non wifi interefence is one of main reason for air times issue.

since you are using outdoor 802.11g product, one of the options is to enable channelfly if your version allows. this should better the situation.

New Contributor
Find the snap for same. whenever noise floor is crossing -101- customers are getting packetloss. wherever %airtime total value is > 40 customers are getting latency. 
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