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How do I persist selected settings after a factory reset on stanandalone or SZ/ZD AP like FM template?

Valued Contributor

Default IP on Ruckus AP is very helpful.

But sometimes this makes migration work difficult because we don't connect directly such as In non-dhcp environment when AP was factory-reset.

I know AP registered FM can persist setting after factory-reset using FM template below.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f6135b77e2478fd283_450d9bc9b5282a49bd5a9d76609645f0_RackMultipart2019052892942hp78-4af510cb-6bbb-466d-b781-cea3147af365-1177688500.PNG1559032308

If we can use that via CLI command on standalone or SZ/ZD AP without FM, we can connect to same static AP though factory-reset.

How do I that?

Esteemed Contributor II
No, I know of no other way to prevent a Factory Default from reconfiguring the AP to factory default settings again.

I got it, but that's too bad ^^;.