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Flex Master VM

New Contributor II
I download and install the new Flex Master VM after the install finish i can ping the server but when i try to access the WEB interface via IP it just wont load, do i have to start a specific service inside the CentOS ?

Valued Contributor II
I'm not a FlexMaster expert ( expert), but try

-turning off iptables firewall
-telnet/ssh from your FM shell out to another host (or traceroute..anything to validate IP connectivity).
-Double-check the settings for your guest OS (networking, etc) are exactly as stated in the manual (bridged vs NAT, etc)

Meanwhile I'll see if we can get an actual expert here...

New Contributor II
Hi Keith i did check what you told me and im still having the same issue.

I can ping from the server to my computer, the server and i are in the same local network and same switch.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c408135b77e247926b93_133e2aab6695d4b6f408e620c45f2ba0_1_inline-41e477e3-b474-4d1d-bfc8-b367f8ffa4f5-1247344462.jpg1370658875

From my computer y can ping the server.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c408135b77e247926b93_6d7f194a11686ce89b952b4658637888_2_inline-00fb3f1d-147c-42d3-ba82-12969808533d-1009588590.jpg1370659059

I try to access via https://ip-address
Image_ images_messages_5f91c408135b77e247926b93_157bae6cd529837a4746685cfb67f7ee_3_inline-4fde2bb7-88c2-4faf-bb89-6bfb185218fa-1028466868.jpg1370659113

The server does have internet conectivity, but right now i just need to access it inside my local network
Image_ images_messages_5f91c408135b77e247926b93_a9219cd783cd1d1b34fb5b63777bdf04_4_inline-7d7356f9-c672-49a8-8e61-b9c25bd8c6aa-1228445159.jpg1370659230

I can SSH to the FlexMaster from my computer.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c408135b77e247926b93_cf02b1b38ca56f0bf75d5c1d87742bd8_5_inline-c1c58a92-8a62-4571-a256-446774a4e00f-809610972.jpg1370659283

I disable the firewall inside the CentOS and still have the same issue.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c408135b77e247926b93_751cc34eb95402da60530d88ea217c7c_6_inline-55624d00-0c06-40d6-bef6-64e58a13c669-1447300842.jpg1370659334

I think i need to start the WEB service but i don't know how to.

New Contributor II
Have you tried with different browsers? Try using Chrome/ Firefox.

- Clear cookies and temp files etc,

New Contributor II
Yes i try.