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vlan pooling with static dhcp

New Contributor III
Hi Guys we are running ZD1200 with firmware build 218 and since we have over 250 users on 5 R700 with two WLAN and VLAN2 tagged to WLAN1 and VLAN3 tagged to WLAN2 ...
i'm planning to enable vlan pooling to reduce broadcast and wonder if static dhcp lease will work with vlan pooling ... example on WLAN1 if there are 150 users i plan to enable vlan pool VLAN2-4 and enable static dhcp lease for vlan2 30 users , vlan3 another 30 users and on vlan 4 another 30 users .... Please let me know if it will work or how can i accurately achieve this ... 

Esteemed Contributor II

You may be able to contribute X addresses from each VLAN scope, but the concept of *static* IP to client MAC is not included in the VLAN Pooling feature.

The client MAC address can play a part in address assignment, if it's hashed for a result, versus round-robin or least-used pool options. Please see this KBA for more details on VLAN Pooling: