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jumbo frames on ZD1200 and R700

New Contributor III
Hi Guys i'm wondering if ZD1200 and R700 support jumbo frames or it is not advisable to enable jumbo frames on wireless network.. and why?
We have firewall and switches that support jumbo frames and Esxi on our network ... wondering if its good to test jumbo frames

New Contributor II
802.11 spec allows for max size of IP frame to be 2304 bytes before encryption.   If you are going to use jumbo frames above 1500 bytes, suggest you keep it below 2304 for easy compatibility with Wi-Fi.   Larger frames will get fragmented, which adds overhead.

New Contributor III
Thank you Jason will give it a try ...

Esteemed Contributor II
According to ZF-10443, Ruckus will support jumbo frames on R710 APs in version 9.9.2 maintenance release.

R710 AP can bridge frame size up to 1624 between Eth0 and Wlan0, and will support the AP CLI command "set mtu eth0 2290".

New Contributor III
Thank you Michael.... once i enable jumbo frame will it cause issue on wireless devices that doesn't support jumbo frames?