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configuring ipv6 in unleashed-cli not working

New Contributor III
The cli documentation says that in config-ap mode one can enable ipv6 with 200.7 unleashed firmware. (
I have a R510 ( and ipv6 is no recognized command. According to the cli guide, the command would be
"ipv6 enable mode auto"

Is anyone able to reproduce this?

New Contributor II
Same documentation typo in 200.8.

New Contributor II
no worries. Someone asked why ipv6 is important 2 years ago. Because no one should suffer through windows ipv6to ipv4 tunnel adapter (teredo)

New Contributor III

I was a bit dejected to learn that Unleashed doesn't work with IPv6, but in fact, I find that with, it "mostly" works. As long as I do not activate client isolation on a WLAN, clients on the WLAN work fine with IPv6. Even if assigned to a VLAN.  Of course, the management UI / ssh are also IPv4 only as are any L3 ACLs.

This is without activating any command through the CLI.  I am guessing this is because the packets are just passed along at L2, so the AP is blind to IPv4 vs IPv6.

Contributor II
Is IPV6 now support on unleashed products (R610)?

Reason i ask is i cannot see any settings anywhere in any of the menus, although i do appear to have IPV6 addresses on devices.

Yes R610 does support ipv6.  See my other reply here with details.