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ZoneDirector Licensing

New Contributor

I'm currently going through a wireless project and would like to make sure my vendor is correct. I am trying to figure out if I am being sold and told the correct thing, and if I can do without any of these products being sold. I have a ZD1200. Support on the ZD is active until 2022/11/26.  I installed 7 new AP-610 access points recently. The vendor is telling me that licenses do not come with the new access points. Is this correct? If this is true I'm not sure why it wasn't included in the quote. 

Is any of this necessary? Or is there any of this I can do without? Is any of this included with an AP purchase?

The vendor sold me.

  • 806-T610-3000,  7, Ruckus Wireless End User WatchDog Premium Support - 3 Year Extended Service - Service - 24 x 7 Next Business Day - Service Depot - Exchange - Parts - Electronic and Physical Service, $565.00, Total: $3,955.00
  • 806-P300-3100, 1, Ruckus Wireless End User Premium Support - 3 Year $679.00

    Extended Service - Service - Service Depot - Exchange

Now the vendor tells me to get my newly installed access points to work I need the following.

  • 801-1201-5L00, 7, Ruckus Wireless End User WatchDog Premium Support - 5  Year - Service - 24 x 7 - Technical - Electronic Service, $81.00, Total: $567.00
  • 909-0001-ZD12, 7, ZoneDirector 1200 Single AP License Upgrade $67.00, Total: $469.00


New Contributor III

First i would use a new vendor. second we have our vendor add the AP licenses when we add AP's.

New Contributor III

I will tell you once you get things fine tuned, you cant get a better system.

New Contributor III

Once you pass 5... The ZoneDirector needs an AP licence for EACH AP after the 5th.


how to purchase the extra AP Licence ?