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ZoneDirector 1200 (EOL) Support Requested

New Contributor

Good morning - 

The farm next door to me had a grant from Microsoft 3+ years ago and the individual installed ZoneDirector 1200 along with 15+ APs.  The individual who installed has ghosted.  Recently a power surge has what i assume has cooked the zone director.  Our wired network fine, but can't connect to any wireless SSID.  Red light is always flashing despite trying reset and then trying to put back to factory defaults.  Replacement on way, but need to someone with expertise to consult on install of new one.  Please contact me directly at 518-409-3535.  The Farmers,, are lost without their WiFi as cellular coverage is weak at best in our area.  Can provide remote access to the network and a schematic of network.

Thanks in advance.


Contributor II

Do you happen to know what model APs you have?   Do you know how long it will be before the new ZD arrives?

predominately R500

expect replacement zone director 1200 Monday

Contributor II

Thanks - most of my clients are financial so they can't have any downtime.   So I'm looking at it from that point of view.  The red light probably means it is looking for info from ZD.  

You have a few choices - if you want it up right away you could reset it to just unleashed.  Unleashed works fine - ZD let's you do some additional detailed analysis but if your goal is just to just wifi and maybe have a few SSIDs, you can use unleashed without the zone director.   This you could do yourself for free in all probability.

You could wait for the Zone Director if you need that additional tracking info but for most clients it doesn't offer much unless they have a LOT of APs in a campus like environment or they need to gather a lot of information on the APs.

This is just my opinion of course.  Best of luck.   Glad you don't have a long delay for the new ZD if you decide to go that route.