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ZoneDirector 1200 (EOL) Support Requested

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Good morning - 

The farm next door to me had a grant from Microsoft 3+ years ago and the individual installed ZoneDirector 1200 along with 15+ APs.  The individual who installed has ghosted.  Recently a power surge has what i assume has cooked the zone director.  Our wired network fine, but can't connect to any wireless SSID.  Red light is always flashing despite trying reset and then trying to put back to factory defaults.  Replacement on way, but need to someone with expertise to consult on install of new one.  Please contact me directly at 518-409-3535.  The Farmers,, are lost without their WiFi as cellular coverage is weak at best in our area.  Can provide remote access to the network and a schematic of network.

Thanks in advance.


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thank you for your responses.

I am a bit confused and perhaps my lack of knowledge of the functionality of the zone director in the network is part of the issue.  Two weeks ago, power surge.  Zone Director 1200 has flashing red light.  Unable to reset or use the process to set back to factory defaults.  Assume it had power surge hit and no longer functioning.

Is it safe for me to assume that without Zone Director in a network of 15 ruckus R500 APs that one could no longer connect to the network?  SSID is out there, but devices can't connect.  Assuming I am barking up the correct tree, with a used replacement coming, if I set up the basic i/p information per my diagram, will it automatically figure out what to do and then allow devices to connect?



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Received my new zone director and I think this one is DOA.  Again, have tried to reset to factory defaults and can't seem to get it to talk on ... no ping, no nothing.... so I may be interested in learning more about unleashing.  I think you indicated that I would only need to do this on one of the many AP's.  I need to physically reach an AP correct?  Would like more info on how to do this as the poor farmers wish to get on with having internet.

OK.  DId you try just switching the power supply with the old one first leaving the old one in place?     Do you have a firewall?    When you connect your computer directly to the internet if you have windows click on start, type CMD - open it.  In the black box - type ipconfig.   Verify what your IPV4 address is.

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Since this "new" used zone director does not seem to wish to reset either, I would like to move ahead with unleashing all the AP's.  You mentioned that as long as I can physically get to one of them, this is possible to do?  when can I set up a computer on their network, provide you with remote access and unleash all of the APs.  I can also send a schematic of network.  Thank you in advance.  would like to get them back working again befoe end of the week.

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I forgot to mention, when you get the new ZD, don't replace the whole unit.   Try just switching out the power supply.   It might be that the power adapter got fried.