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ZD 1200/SZ100 integration with AG Nomadix for hotels

New Contributor II
Hi guys, i have a project where i have to integrate a ZD 1200 with a AG Nomadix in order the guest can be autheticated and Ag Nomadix can bill it.
My part is to configure ZD but i don ́t know hot to do it, anybody did this integration before???  I don ́t find documents about it.

Thanks for your help!!!

Esteemed Contributor II
You can configure the Nomadix as an AAA server, for authentication and/or accounting (billing),

or you can point to Nomadix as a HotSpot server, where login page/authentication takes place. 

New Contributor II
Hi Michael,
Thanks for yor reply, the idea is that ZD can point to Nomadix where login page/authentication takes place, is there any example in forum where i can see the configuration step by step?? it woud be useful for me.