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Vidyo Latency

New Contributor II
Issues with latency which is causing jitter on Vidyo Video Conferencing. When I ping from my laptop over WiFi I experience 30ms latency, the same device on the LAN is getting 5ms.  Anyone got any experience with Vidyo / 1112 / 7372 or can offer some insight on potential resolution paths to reduce latency?

Esteemed Contributor II
I've not heard of "Vidyo" but if the exchange uses multicast, you might benefit from disabling the Ruckus directed-multicast feature, on the WLAN you're using.

ruckus> enable

ruckus# config

ruckus (config)# wlan

ruckus (config-wlan)#  no
qos directed-multicast

ruckus (config-wlan)# qos
directed-threshold 0


New Contributor II
Jitter is defined as varying latency, so if the latency is consistent it's not jitter. And 30ms isn't that bad, as long as it's consistent. You do need to prioritize the traffic just as you would VoIP (SIP etc.). Vidyo may not be using the same QoS/ToS tags as other priority traffic is so you may need to identify the traffic by some other means. Finally, if it's going over the internet THERE IS NO PRIORITIZATION ON THE INTERNET. No matter how you tag the traffic and prioritize it by the time it gets to the other end it will be the same as everything else.

1. QoS throughout you WLAN and LAN being sure that Vidyo is being identified as priority traffic.

2. Make sure you firewall is at least giving outbound Vidyo traffic priority over other traffic. And no, having lots of bandwidth is not the same. Despite what most think, using 10% of your bandwidth isn't like a pipe filled to 10%. It's using 100% of you bandwidth 10% of the time, it's either a 0 or a 1 nothing in between.
3. Your firewall needs to identify the inbound Vidyo traffic tag it as priority traffic and give it priority out it's inside interface. This won't prevent someone's YouTube from interfering with your Vidyo but it will lessen the likelihood of a noticeable problem. Of course the real solution is to block incoming streaming traffic except for your Vidyo.