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The Roaming not work, and users disconnect constantly even not move around.

New Contributor II
I have a network with 16 AP (10 R500 and 6 R300) and a 1200 controller,2 SSID with WPA/AES and i need use a softphone but i have the next issue with some users:
All the Iphone ́s was disconnect constantly
An a Samsung Note 4 lost wifi signal and block the wifi networks when it moves of a R500 to a R300 (We need to turn on and off the airplane mode to resolve the issue)
More than 10 users with laptops HP and wireless card ralink rt3290 can not connect with the network (i upgrade the drivers and some laptops can connect now but the navigation on the net was terrible slow)
When i walk through the office and change of one AP to another and if i am in a call this ends, and the use of softphone it is very important in this project.

I hope anyone can help me.

Esteemed Contributor II
I think you should go to Tech Support.

Contributor III
If you are using 9.10 MR1and have force dhcp enabled you will have a roaming issues - this will be fixed in 9.10 MR2 and 9.12MR2

Solution is if you have force dhcp enabled is to disable this function to solve roaming issues.

New Contributor II
Thanks i will try it, and comment how work it.

NP I know that disabling it fixed for me when i tried it, but we need force DHCP so I have had to downgrade to 9.10 GA.