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Stand alone AP (ZF7372) and band-balancing

New Contributor III
I have a ZF7372 running and trying to find out how to enable band-balancing via its CLI. I am not running the AP with a ZD as it is a stand alone device. I see the CLI for band-balancing but am not sure how to enable or configure it. I have both the 2.4 & 5Ghz radios running the same SSID's and security settings. Below are you readouts when I look at the band-balancing settings.

Can someone tell me how the commands work and/or the correct settings to move dual band clients over to the 5Ghz radio.

rkscli: get band-balancing
Band Balancing:
Under Mesh AP : Off

rkscli: get band-balancing wlan0
Band Balancing:
wlan0: Disable
Rssi Threshold limit: wlan0, 20
Band Bal limit: wifi0, 0
MinStaThreshold limit: AP, 10
Under Mesh AP : Off

rkscli: get band-balancing wlan8
Band Balancing:
wlan8: Disable
Rssi Threshold limit: wlan8, 20
Band Bal limit: wifi1, 0
MinStaThreshold limit: AP, 10
Under Mesh AP : Off

rkscli: set band-balancing
parameter error
Usage: set band-balancing {options}
-- {|all}
-- mesh-ap {enable|disable}

Sounds good, thanks for keeping us in the loop. Much appreciated.

will this firmware be released for EOL products? e.g. 7962

I'm afraid 9.8 is last release for 7962.

Ok thanks for that I have found that FW above 9.7.0 have several issues preventing my ability to use 40MHZ or for my AP to authenticate my connection.

New Contributor III
I appreciate your help on this. I am more interested in the actual Band-Steering over the Band-Balancing. I am in a noisy 2.4GHz environment and want to steer as many devices to the 5GHz range. About 90% of my devices are dual band.

Can you clarify what my commands would be to steer as many device to 5GHz once it is implemented in 9.9?