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Smartzone AP patch 5.2.2(LT-GD-MR2)

New Contributor

Dear community,

good afternoon,

Currently I`m using Ruckus R500 Multimedia HotZone Access point(5 in Nos.).

3 months ago, i upgraded the firmware from standalone to Ruckus Unleashed R500_200. .

My query is : Is it possible that the Smartzone patch can be updated to the same AP?

If yes , please support How?

If No, Why?


Any way I want to upgrade my access point.



Contact email id:-


RUCKUS Team Member


You need to first convert the unleashed AP R500 into the standalone mode and add it into the Smartzone , once the AP is showing online into the controller you can apply the AP patch into the zone where R500 AP is configured.

Please refer the below KB article to convert the Unleashed AP to Standalone mode-

Once the AP will convert into the standalone mode, run the below command on the AP CLI 

#set scg IP <IP address of the controller>