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Ruckus access point disconnect automatically

New Contributor II
in my network on access point is getting disconnected automatically in the network and i have to connect unplug and plug back the cable to make it get back connected what can be the issue?

Please help

Valued Contributor II
Hi John,

this should be an question rather than an idea and i am sure that its an error. Let me take a first stab on this.

if i understand from your description that AP you have is getting disconnected from network auto and you have take off power and turn it on back. correct?

If answer is yes then start with looking at physical connections between AP and whatever it is connected to. Use a good known network cable.

Take a look at power source, just make sure there are no loose connect whcih may cause this disruption.

Based on the model of your AP. Hard reset, update the latest firmware and re-config it. Keep an eye and problem reappears then take a close look at the logs if they suggest anything so it can be corrected accordingly.

best of luck.

New Contributor II
Hi Monnat,

Thanks a lots
i really appreciated your reply i will work on it then i will let you know

Esteemed Contributor II
Combining 'Access Point' debug components in your ZD Debug Info file, with the
AP System Info (support text) collected after a disconnect, is the best way to
determine why your AP is disconnecting. [ Assuming it is not a bad cable/port ]

New Contributor II
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply

I'm waiting for the AP to disconnect this time before i can go through any thing
if the AP get disconnected then i will go through all this process.

Because the AP is disconnecting once or twice a week

I really appreciate your support