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Ruckus R610 max clients capacity

New Contributor


i want to know the max number of clients that can be connected to R610, as i have configured one SSID and most of the times it shows no internet, however my internet has no issue at backend. is it due to limitations or what?

in data sheet it show max clients upto 512 per AP and SSID upto 31 per AP, does it mean we can connect max 31 devices to per SSID? in that way if 512/31=16 , as we can see it has 8 SSIDs for 2.4Ghz and 8 SSIDs for 5Ghz.

plz someone help in this regard. how can i connect maximum devices to Ruckus R610? more that 200 or so  


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @ubaiddaud ,

Thank you for your question. Generally, the number of clients an AP can handle effectively depends on various factors such as network configuration, client types, and usage patterns. However, the "no internet" error can be caused by a variety of reasons (AP location, network congestion, client issues, troubles with the ip, etc...). At this point, I recommend collecting specific data of the issue like:

  • Which devices show this issue?
  • Does this behavior happen on a specific SSID or AP?
  • Does the Unleashed system show any alerts related to client disconnects?
  • Did the issue start after making any changes?
  • Are the physical connections of the APs involved in good conditions?

Those details among other data can help find the root cause of the problem, as there is no evidence enough to proof that the AP limitations could be the problem.

I hope it helps, thanks!