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Report on under performing AP's over a custom time period

New Contributor
Hi, we make use of  a Virtual Smartzone. Is there a way to pull a report which indicates AP's that are under performing (AP's that are not being utilised as much in certain areas)? We would like to move the AP's to areas that have more foot traffic. We require a thorough report showing the number of users that connected to each individual AP as well as the amount of traffic that went through each AP.

On the VSCG you can go to reports and generate on a daily basis reports from the VSCG on several different criteria.  It is limited in what you can get out of it.  The SCI Analytics VM is a much more in depth and  configurable piece of Ruckus Analytic software.  It comes with a 90 day demo version but you are not able to send out the reports automatically and would have to dig into the reports on a daily or weekly basis.  The full fledged version is very in depth. 

Agreed, checking out the 90-day demo is the way to go. Much more analytics will be found using that. It does take a few weeks to figure things out however.