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Public WiFi @ RV Park

New Contributor

I have an RV park that is having 10-40 consistent streamers/gamers depending on day/time.
We currently have 4 Ruckus T310C devices spread evenly across the RV park providing excellent coverage.

My issue is that we are upgrading our internet from cable to fiber 1gig up/1gig down, as you probably know this isn't cheap at all. I want to charge for different tiers of service/plans.

Free for 24 hours (have to pay after, resets after 5/15/30 days throttled)

  • Premium 24 hours(still throttled but little faster)
  • Premium 30 days (still throttled but little faster)
  • Ultimate 24 hours (25/25speed)
  • Ultimate 30 days (25/25 speed)

See next comment... Keeps giving error when attempting to post


New Contributor


I believe I have all the equipment I could possibly need, but I'm at a loss on where to go from here.
Setup is as follows:

ISP>EdgeRouter4>UniFi Dream Machine(ports)


Dell R710 with Windows Datacenter running on it.(new not used yet)
LiteAP>NanoStation5AC>Ruckus T310C-NanoStation5AC>Ruckus T310C
NanoStationLoco5AC>LiteBeam5AC>NanoStation5AC[P2MP#1]>NanoStation5AC>Ruckus T310C, [P2MP#2]>NanoStation5AC>Ruckus T310C, [P2MP#3]>LiteBeam5AC.... (Different property)
UniFi has it's own hotspot options, however I already own the 4 of the $1000-$1,300 ruckus AP's so I want to use them for my guests.


My question is, is there a free or non-subscription software I could use to monitor, manage, and maintain what I want to do here?