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Power Lutron Smart Hub from R510 AP

New Contributor

My Lutron Smart Hub has a puny range of 30ft. But my R510 AP is perfectly positioned in on the ceiling in the center of the living area. I'd like to mount the Lutron Smart Hub next to the R510 and connect it to the R510's 2nd ethernet port.

That solves the data connection, but how can I power the Smart Hub?   The Smart Hub requires 5VDC via a Micro-USB receptacle. There is no nearby AC available for the Smart Hub's regular power supply. I can get a POE splitter for this, but the  R510's 2nd ethernet port does not provide POE. 

Any suggestions?


New Contributor

Here are some ideas I had to do this.

  1. Pro: Simplest. Con: Doesn't utilize 2nd ethernet port on the R510, and I need to pull a second ethernet cable and lose a port on the switch.
  2. Pro: Readily available components, and no mods. Con: POE extender is large enough to require its own mounting point.
  3. Pro: Readily available components, and no need for separate mounting (small enough to be hidden alongside the cabling). Con: Non-standard POE DC tap.
  4. Pro: Fewer components than 2. Con: Non standard POE DC tap, and the DC-DC regulator may be harder to find.