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Mediaflex 7811 - WiFi router and IPTV bridge to 7111 simultaneously?

New Contributor II
I'm using the Ruckus Mediaflex vf7811 with the 7111 adapter as a wireless bridge for my IPTV.

The question is, can I use the 7811 a simultaneous WIFI data router for my laptop internet needs with the existing IPTV wireless bridge to 7111 for my STB?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Bozidar.

this may be doable as long as your laptop can connect on 5Ghz as its a 5Ghz only Wireless device / router.

If this device is ISP managed then chances are remote that you would know the wireless key set on Mediaflex 7811.

I have never used Mediaflex 7811

New Contributor II
I can manage the device on my own with super admin. I can enable the WiFi, but even the 5Ghz capable devices can't connect to it.

Someone mentioned I need seperate static IP addresses or something like that, one for IPTV stream and other for DATA. I've been struggling with it for a while, I don't feel like getting a seperate wifi router just for that, if this is what 7811 is supposed to be handling.

Esteemed Contributor II
The Wireless SSID on a mf7811 model AP, bridges to the ISP/Ethernet. Your ISP however, may not provide more than one IP address, so your laptop is likely not getting DHCP. This AP does not do NAT (router) translation, to provide multiple Internet connections over a single ISP address. Ruckus uses a proprietary 4-MAC address WDS for 7111s, not necessarily compatible with other 3rd party devices.

What happens if you connect your laptop to the Eth port of a 7111 CPE instead of your Set-Top Box? The 7811 ships with 3 x 7111 CPEs, if you find them for sale on eBay or other older equipment VAR. Ruckus no longer makes/sells this product.

New Contributor II
Ah, now I see... I'd probably need two static IPs from ISP running through 7811 to make it work? But that would mean new IP for any new device... bah, I guess I'll need to get an additional router for all my device wifi data needs.

If I connect the 7111 to the laptop, I get internet connection on my PC, and when I plug it in STB, I get a working IPTV. My ISP has the IPTV + DATA joined.