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MediaFlex VF7111 not activating web interface on factory reset (but pairing and linking properly with 7811)

New Contributor II
I have a MediaFlex VF7811 and a VF7111.

I can factory reset / sync the 7111 witth the 7811 (auto-provisioning) without issue.

However for some reason even after factory reset I cannot access the web interface of the 7111. The device is on the network and properly responds to pinging but there is no web interface active.

The only interface active is an SSHD Dropbear server on port 8022. Unfortunately the default login / password (super / sp-admin) does not work. Neither does admin / password or anything else I tried.

Also , there is no link to the management interface of the 7111 through the 7811 as you can see in the screenshot attached (n/a is indicated)

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ea135b77e2478e1d1a_d2838fe121e16983e34354b7fda51a0c_CapturedE28099eCC81cran2014061-81570d27-a103-4c45-acd1-bfee3137319e-1738285506.png1403139114

Could anyone help me ? Is there anyway to get that SSH login/password from somewhere like using my serial number so that I can access it ?

Again I must insist that factory resetting the 7111 does not help me.

Esteemed Contributor II

They ship a 7811 AP with 3 x 7111 CPEs. You should be able to HTTP into
default IP This 7111 appears faulty. How about the other two?
We no longer manufacture/sell/support this product line however, so we cannot
replace if you have a bad one, sorry. If it does auto-provision however, can you
connect a PC and bridge thru the 7811 AP ok? These 7111s were designed to
connect to TV set-top boxes and stream IPtv from the Internet. With best regards,

- Michael Brado, Sr. TSE

New Contributor II
Yes it does auto-provision and it does bridge thru without issue ...

In my case I only got a kit with one 7811 and one 7111. And yes this was part of an IPTV setup but I'm using it for other purposes.

I was hoping there was some hidden admin user using a combination of numbers printed on the back of the device (serial number and such).

Maybe I should just be looking at some way to "hack my device" since it's running an old Dropbear SSHD and maybe there is some vulnerability for it somewhere 🙂

The 7111 access is made THRU the 7811 configuration panel *ONLY*