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MediaFlex 7111 or 7811-compatible: where to find?

New Contributor II
Hello Forum!

I currently own a MediaFlex 7811/7111 pair to link up my router in the living room with my office (poor wifi signal there -- great with Ruckus!). I'll be soon getting an internet-TV service that requires linking up the router with the TV decoder either with cable or proper wireless stuff like the MediaFlex (cable not possible).

As MediaFlex is no longer on sale, any ideas on where could I get a secondhand 7111 slave, or any other more current model that would be compatible with the 7811 AP?



Valued Contributor II
You can give it a shot here in the US and its NOT secondhand

Since 7111 work as a client and all MF devices have become end of life and there is no product from Ruckus which replaces 7111 or acts like 7111 in someway.

There are vendors out there in the CPE market which sell 5ghz 802.11n CPE.

google it with keyword - 802.11n CPE

Best of luck

Esteemed Contributor II
Someone suggested a CPE device called "Moxa bridge", AWK-1121.