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MAC authentication with NPS server.

New Contributor
I'm trying to get mac authentication working with no luck. The walkthrough ruckus has is for IAS which is no longer. Now its NPS.

So here is where I'm at.

1. NPS setup for mac authentication.

2. Zone director setup as radius client within NPS.

3. Setup zone director with an AAA server of my nps server. I've tried both CHAP and PAP.

4. Changed password policy to remove complexity requirements on the windows side. ( See ruckus doc, teh one that references IAS)

5. Added user with name set to mac and password set to mac. No spaces or colons etc.

From there it falls apart. I simply cannot get a Connection Request Policy that works. What I'm seeing in the logs of the NPS server is that the Calling station id is coming through with dashes even though I told zone director to not send it that way. Though I made another test user with dashes and that doesn't work either.

I know from logs that it's an authentication issue but that;s all the info I get.

Does anyone have this working?