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Installing outdoor AP in extreme weather (Alaska)

New Contributor II
Hello Ruckus folks!

i just got a job to install outdoor APs in Alaska. I am just wondering which model would be the best bet to stand up in such extreme cold weather. And any working experience in extreme weather is very much appreciate!

Thank you

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Tary,

    You can consider the solid zf7782 outdoor AP, IP-67 rated at -40 deg C to +65 deg C
or the new 802.11ac T300 AP, rated at -20 deg C to +55 deg C, will operate at -40 deg C
but will not cold start at -40 deg C.

New Contributor II
Thanks Michael!

I think my concern is... what if temperature below -40C.? One thing i like about Ruckus AP is that built-in with a heater. Again, i am not sure how well it handle extremely cold weather like Alaska. My client is pretty close up to the north of Alaska.

i wonder if anyone deploy Ruckus in such cold weather. May be i will be the first one to make this into a case study.

Tary, I would highly suggest the 7782 over the T300 for extreme conditions.  The 7782 can be connected directly to an AC power source while the T300 is PoE only and does not have the same operating specifications as the 7782.  We operate both and after the harsh winter in NY, (Alaska was warmer than NY at times) the 7782's held up with no issues.  And if they do freeze, they should restart when the temperature rises.

The T300 does not have a heater.

New Contributor II
Thank you gentlemen! 

Actually my client does not need 802.11ac. I know 7763 also has builtin heater. I wonder if 7763 has the same robust capability as 7782. Also do i need to use AC power in order to have the AP to turn on the heater? Or PoE injector is power enough?