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IOR Terms and conditions and the applicable products and Countries

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An entity or individual who will be accountable for entry and exit related documents required by customs, verifies product classification, payment of duties/taxes and fulfilling any other import or export regulatory obligations.

SLA will be calculated as NEXT DAT SHIPMENT on IOR cases. (Once customers accept the IOR terms, replacement should be processed the same day and shipped the next day).

What are the applicable products?

IOR/ EOR is applicable for Wired / ICX products only.

IOR Sample Template

Dear Customer,

Your Advance Replacement for Ruckus RMA#: 1336465 is ready to be shipped.

For seamless shipment & receipt, we will need to ensure your shipment from the United States is able to proceed through International Customs efficiently, by requiring the Hardware recipient to act as the Importer of Record in the country of destination.

The Importer of Record is responsible for the following

1. Ensuring the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations.

2. Working with the freight forwarder or local agent in the destination country to ensure that any required import paperwork or Customs entry is made.

3. Paying any applicable import duties, taxes and similar fees.

4. Bearing the charge for sending the defective unit back.

Please indicate your acceptance of these conditions as soon as possible by responding to this email after which we will proceed with your shipment.

IOR Country List 


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