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I can't get into the admin panel.R550

New Contributor


I am setting up a setup R550(Unleashed(I upgraded from standalone)

I am unable to proceed from this Setup Wizard 5(It doesn't seem to reboot.)

I'm able to use it, but I'm having trouble reconfiguring it and updating the firmware.

Is there any way to get to the admin panel?


New Contributor III

@Masaki_Matsumura# sometimes you need to load the file and wait until complete the process and if you not lost connection or redirection to the page, you will need to  refresh the webpage is not working otherwise after load firmware reset it , and from my side i had to load firmware and then reset AP  try  again to access the GUI its will work

Hi Thank you!

Did you physically reset the system?

yes and then will ask you to start  wizard to setup

New Contributor

Hmmm, I've tried resetting and reconfiguring, but still.

Does it take more than 15 minutes to process? I can't even see the status bar.