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How to store wireless data and then send over GSM?

New Contributor
I have two buildings within 100 meters. I called them and building A building B. Between buildings A and B is two audio channels and one data channel. In building B I need laptop/PC  with relevant software to store this data and forward on GSM  when it needed. What kind of software I need for laptop/PC and How can I forward stored data over GSM?


Esteemed Contributor II
Not clear what you mean about two audio channels and one data channel between buildings?  But Ruckus products work in Wi-Fi, and not forward information over GSM (cellular) network.

SmartCell Gateway product will help cell phone users move to Wi-Fi when entering buildings with Internet capable Wi-Fi.

I attached picture with diagram. What software must be in PC1 to store all data( voice conversation records) received from building 1 and how to reach this data remotely from PC2. Or how to send data from PC1 to PC2.Image_ images_messages_5f91c477135b77e247aa4985_60666ae71af891ee9b391c7f584dd597_RackMultipart20151203294441tek-56f6dadb-58b8-4f94-a884-6220a728a149-1668341247.jpg1449135539

If you have the ability to store files (these may be audio or whatever really), and you want to transfer from Point A to B, then you can use FTP, SCP, Teamviwer, VPN etc., or even use cloud based storage like Box (use Box Sync on the remote PC to sync files).

In regards to voice conversation records,  I would make sure that its legal for you to do this, as I know in certain parts of the world you must be one of the parties on the call, or have the consent of the one of the parties on the call, to be able to record that conversation.

None of the above has anything to do with Ruckus or wireless, perhaps you may want to address this question to Google:

Valued Contributor
The only bit of the picture that might have something to do with wi-fi is the "gap" between building 1 and building 2! [sadly you say there are existing cables].

Software to record the 2 audio and one data channel is not going to involve wi-fi! Is this anything to do with CCTV and monitored security gate entry perhaps? Mildly curious where all this is going.