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How do you monitor an AP connected to vSCG from a 3rd party software like PRTG ?

New Contributor II
Hi , just wanted to know if anyone has successfully used PRTG and SNMP to get ruckus AP status down ?

i am using vSCG 3.4.1 and all my AP connect via different internet subnets and locations. my company has not invested in SCI yet and i am tasked to manage and maintain the up time and status of all AP. we use PRTG and wanted to know if it is possible to collect this trap from the Controller ? 

Thank you

New Contributor III
By default, a lot of sensors are easy to setup with the vSZ. However, I've been trying to get the SNMP trap working correctly. It receives the warnings, but doesn't process them. When using the MIB importer, it seems that (for example . OIDs are missing from the MIBs.
So I dont get alerted to AP disconnects, where as the vSZ does set the alarm to Major.
Any idea how to fix this? Either it's not in the MIBs or the MIB importer doesn't process everything correctly.