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Help with small WISP deployment.

New Contributor
I own a small WISP in the South Pacific using mostly Mikrotik and Ubiquity equipment. I have always wanted to progress to Ruckus equipment but cost is the main obstacle. Lately I have seen a lot of older Ruckus equipment on eBay . My question is how can I, or can I utilize older ruckus equipment in my type of WISP environment? Can I deploy Ruckus and operate side by side with my current equipmet for testing? I am not an IT but have friends that are helping me. Any constructive advice would be greatly appriciated.

New Contributor
Dear Mr. Helg,
If you still have questions about your setup please let me know.
I didn't quite understand the problem here. Of course, you can have mix of systems in your environment.

Esteemed Contributor II
Use different SSIDs on the different wireless equipment, but try not to overlap channels, since they aren't managed by a single controller.