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HELP "Cluster is out of service" again

New Contributor II
Our client has encountered this issue again 

this issue occurred a month ago also prior to that and it happen again yesterday
what our client does is restart the VM to get it back on service
they already migrated this VM to a new server SANGFOR HCI
but the issue still persist 

Please see attached image:Image_ images_messages_5f91c3fe135b77e24790e1b7_08a3bf770a5d81b18f120ec9b377dafc_RackMultipart20190820707321go8-a961633f-34d3-4c3d-86d4-7613a05f546e-248710525.png1566268530

any idea what's causing this issue?

Thank you for the immediate response.


Contributor III
without any details its hard to know. Are there any alarms regarding CPU utilization / Disk usage? Is the hypervisor overprovisioned? Also, this is not a zone director but rather smartzone. And if you have support issues, you should have a support contract and open a ticket. The forum is mostly run by other users who volunteer their time.

New Contributor II
Image_ images_messages_5f91c458135b77e247a36c59_d8070b969383ef21dde0e670d176c525_RackMultipart20190820524741llr-db4b70bc-f030-40a3-b6c0-7e79527b7c35-1374150719.png1566286099 

Hi Diego thanks for your response here is the specs of the VM

Valued Contributor
The main cause may be ntp synchronization problems.

Check ntp on VM hypservisor wherther it's same as current time or not.

Contributor III
Not sure which hypervisor you're using ... But at least it doesn't look like hyperv / azure / aws / google / VMware. Also, for some reason you're emulating two numa nodes (2 sockets / 4 cores per socket). Shouldn't make a difference but weird it got configured like that.

I assume the disk is on SSDs?

Is the underlying HV kvm?