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Flash down an h510 unleashed to standalone

New Contributor II
I just bought 10 h510 Accesspoints, for an on-site deployment, I have already an zonedirector 100 with 60 Ap, and this new ones where meant to improve the coverage of moly wlan.

Something funny happened, 8 of the came with the firmware, and 2 came with the unleashed firmware

I can’t adopt those 2 Ap to my existing controller...

I want to know the steps so I can flash down these Ap with the 110.0 firmware.

I create a case in ruckus support but they told me that the only way they would help me with the info I’d buy buying a service contract. It’s absurd the Ap are brand new...

Please if somebody know how to do it

Hi Daniel,

Sorry to hear about your issue. Don't worry we'll get you squared away.

You can download the firmware from All you have to do is register for a free account. 

Now, I went ahead and got the firmware for you this time:

1. Login into your WAP
2. Go to upgrade Firmware section
3. Do local update from a file

This should do the trick.


Hi Alex Thanks for the reply.... is directly the downgrade... I don't have to make a step before for example to a another firmware version... and the to the 110.0?  

I can go directly from 200.7 to 110.0


You can downgrade directly to any standalone firmware.

thank man.. it worked like a charm!!!