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ETA of Delivery between Wireless & Wired

RUCKUS Team Member


Advanced Replacement (AR)

  • Eligibility - SW Warranty i.e. If the device is within 90-150days from Shipment, Active Support contract, The replacement will be shipped the next business day. Customer must ship the defective back to Ruckus within 60days of receiving the replacement.

Return to Factory (RTF)

  • Customer my bear the cost of returning the defective to the designated warehouse of their region and as soon the defectives are received in the local depot or specified warehouse, the replacement will be shipped within 15 business days.  It takes 24-48 hrs for the warehouse team to inbound / acknowledge the defectives.


Advanced Replacement (AR)

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Next Business Day Delivery
  • SECUPLIFT – Next Business Day Delivery and Customer doesn’t need to return the defectives but instead provide COD (Certificate of destruction).
  • 4OS (Onsite Support) – Deliver replacements and 3rd party engineer to the customers site within 4 Hrs. (Engaged contract with IBM for on-site TSE ). (24x7)
  • 4P (Parts Only) – Deliver replacements within 4 Hrs. (24x7)