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Connection between building and football field office?

New Contributor II
This is my first time doing something like this and would like some input as to if it is reasonable to implement wireless from building to football field office which is 550ft away or to just go fiber. The reason behind this would be to provide internet connection to the field office and to the wireless scoreboard. A colleague and I were looking at the outdoor T710 AP or P300 for implementing this. 

What are your thoughts and any ideas that would make this setup better/workable?

Esteemed Contributor II
The distance might require the P300 point to point bridges, over mesh between T710n model APs, for best results.

I was thinking the same also with the P300 point to point too, but it is just the placement of our new scoreboard that concerns me. The picture below is the current layout of what we are looking at.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c472135b77e247a92222_ec9aed74d76b4aa26e38d8b4edd3868e_RackMultipart201711071187361ql-6a11e520-37fd-4b32-866c-883675612a4e-1162340926.jpeg1510076875

Your fresnel zone is not over 40% impacted, and you should be able to find an RF channel that is not affected by any scoreboard EMF.

How tall is the little building on the left of the link line?  Does it stick up into you point to point path?
I'm hoping that Point A is a two story building, and the little one is just a shower/bathroom facility?

That building is just a garage, it is not very tall and will not be in the path of the point to point.