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Can not rest the ruckus MM2211

New Contributor
I changed ip to and I found I can't visit to mange it. So I tried to rest it but it didn't work. I push and hold rest button by pen and waiting more than 1 min but after it restart, my computer's IP wasn't changed. I still can't visited management page.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Darks,

Be sure you put your pin/paperclip into the indented little hole, to reach the Reset
button? Reboot is the black button that sticks out, next to the hole.

Please check the label on the bottom of your mm2211. The default IP is, and you may/should receive an IP in this subnet if you connect
your laptop's Eth cable, or wirelessly connect to SSID V54-HOME001. Login
with username "super" and password "sp-admin" to have full admin rights.
I hope this is helpful, as this product has been end of lifed.

I put the pin in the little hole and stay more than 1 min and saw all light were lit. But I input "ipconfig" on my computer I found it's ip still are