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Announcement: New Ruckus Support Portal Homepage on 28Jan2019

Esteemed Contributor II
      Ruckus has ongoing projects to improve the look and feel of our Support Site Portal,

and is ready to roll-out a new design homepage on Monday, January 28, 2019.


     This is the first change to be implemented, with a “Big Box” in the top, showing selections

from left side column choices, and a new expanded Footer with reference links.  We have tried

to be Browser agnostic, and to appear similar across the multiple OS/browser platforms. 


     Until Monday, you can find a preview and description of our new Support Portal, at this page:


     We hope that this Support Site redesign will offer an improved user experience, to help

Customers find Solutions (Knowledge Base Articles, Forums, Product Docs), and easy access

to asset management and TAC contact.

Contributor III
You're fixing something that's not broken.  The new page looks like a marketing/sales/PR site - not a support site.   

New Contributor III
So you don't like ability to get to what you need faster?
What makes it a marketing/sales/PR site? 

Contributor III
Honestly I don't even notice a difference.

It doesn't change until 5-6pm EST today...!