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AP 7363 Help

New Contributor
I inherited an AP 7363 from someone and when I powered up, the LEDs (PWR, DIR,2.4 and 5G) blink non-stop. After doing some research on my own, I believe the AP is searching for a ZoneDirector controller. Since no one had claimed it, and I'm pretty new to Ruckus, can someone send me instructions on how to convert the AP back to a StandAlone unit. Pressing down the hard reset for >6 secs does not seem to do anything. Plug it up to switch via an Ethernet cord did not seem to have any effect - Both green and amber LEDs did not light up.

Ruckus' Fan

Valued Contributor II

If the LEDs for PWR blinks non-stop then it is possible broken and would need replacement.

when DIR is blinking then it is searching for director or about to connect to director after finding it.

Unless AP has joined a REAL zonedirector, it is running on a standalone mode.

Since you have tried resetting it and failed, pls check with Ruckus Support on possible RMA options for you.