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Welcome to the Ruckus Cloudpath support forum!

New Contributor III
Cloudpath is a multi-faceted solution that makes secure connectivity, easy!

With a comprehensive on boarding platform and built-in radius and certificate authority Cloudpath is all you need to secure your network and provide a great experience to your users. With flexibility of hosted Cloud or VM on-prem deployment there is a solution that fits every need.  

Not to mention the well revered Cloudpath support team is always there to help you out.

Thanks and hope you find this forum useful! 

New Contributor II
Where in the Workflow menu does one assign a VLAN ID on Filter tied to LDAP/AD Group?

New Contributor


 when trying to install a certificate I get this error

we were unable to write the configuration proflie to the operating system

Does anyone know where I am looking for the solution

Image_ images_messages_605a6d9a14597a78c5d2c84d_c8805f4c349e06b332135a6309828d99_Cloudpath-422271a8-706f-4517-b111-4370362af575-338980341.png