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Remove CloudPath from laptop?

New Contributor II

Many of our users are losing connection to our wireless network every time they undock their laptop, and then have to go through the entire enrollment process again to get reconnected. I noticed this cleared up on one laptop when I wiped it and reinstalled Windows, then re-enrolled the laptop. I'd like to try to completely remove everything CloudPath installs from a few test laptops, and re-enroll them to see if that helps at all. Other than removing the wireless profile and the certificate, is there anything else I need to remove for a completely clean uninstall? Registry keys? Files?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Steve, while i'm not able to answer your question specifically, I can point you to the most recent patch notes for Cloudpath (5.2.3918) that mention a bugfix for Win10 clients.
"An issue where Cloudpath was not installing the full Microsoft CA certificate chain into the network_config.xml file which was causing Windows 10 to fail, has been fixed"..It is possible if you are running your own instance you merely need to update to the latest version and re-enroll the affected devices. 
I would also reach out to customer support on and see if there are particular files you can remove to achieve your original request.